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Titan Volumetrics

It’s a concrete fact:


Putting you in control


Volumetric mixers save you the trips back to the batch plant, and make sure that the concrete you pour is the exact mix the job requires. A volumetric mixer precisely meters out cement, sand, stone and water on-site. No mixing as you drive. No getting stuck in traffic while the mix in the back hardens and changes. Just a continuous flow of fresh-mixed, perfectly proportioned concrete.

All the concrete you need, none you don’t. Need an extra yard of concrete? Or did the job turn out to be a bit smaller than expected? Does the job require a variety of concrete mixes? With real-time mixing, our volumetric mixers give you total flexibility to finish the job.

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The Titan has a new design that has been able to maximise on the features of Hardox® 450 steel features. This includes removing unnecessary weight to maximise payload.


Built with Hardox® 450 steel, known as the strongest and toughest steel in the world. The Titan’s service life is doubled with this build.


With the BatchPro 3.0 Operators Panel, enjoy a completely automated mixer set-up process and communicate with dispatch via the BatchPro Connect software solution.

1900L Poly Water Tank

Cyclone Hydraulic Oil Reservoir

Hydraulic Cooling System

Hardox 450 Steel Aggregate and Cement Bin

PTO and Pump install

Conveyor Oiler System

Bay-Lynx made heavy duty aluminum checker plate fenders

Admix Systems

Moisture Meter and Automatic Hydraulic Gates

Hydraulically Linked Cement Metering to Aggregate Conveyor

Large rear ladder and platform

Hydraulic Auger Chute

High capacity 12” mix auger with 2 mixing sections

24” wide belt over chain conveyor belt

BatchPro 3.0 Operators Panel

160 degree auger swivel with rotary actuator

Technical specifications

Production Capacity

7.65 m3

Production Rate

Up to 60m3/hr

Aggregate Bin Volume

5.8 m3

Sand Bin Volume

4.8 m3

Cement Bin Volume

3 m3

Water Tank Volume

1890 L

Unit Weight Approx.

3,620 kg  3,950 kg (XL version)

Minimum Clear
Platform Requirments

5920 mm

Wheelbase, CA/CT

Consult federal, state and local weight laws and chassis manufacturer’s ratings to ensure neither government weight restrictions, nor GVWR and GAWRs are exceeded.

Options & more

We keep it simple, but we don’t limit your options. For each model, we offer customisations that turn your Bay-Lynx machine into the exact right tool for the work you do.

Think a Bay-Lynx machine might be for you? Get in touch.

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Quality doesn't cost - it pays

Download the batch pro 3 App

Communication between your customers, dispatch and operators like never before.

  • Dispatch and operator control using app

  • Configure mix design without operator assistance

  • Manage fleet with GPS tracking

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  • Digital tracking

  • No lost information

  • Better customer experience

  • Automate billing process

  • Faster and more accurate mix calibrations

  • Palm of your hand control

  • Order portal fo customer use

  • Pour and material data capture

  • Store job site photos

  • Collect customer signatures

  • Create ticket data

  • Operator error reduction